Wheelie Bin Collections – Why the Problems?

25 Apr 2020
Lib Dem Cllr Ajit Singh Atwal Helping Bin Crews On Their Rounds

In the lead up to the lockdown and in the weeks since, quite a lot of people have had to self-isolate for 7 or 14 days either because they or a member of their household has had Covid 19 symptoms or they are shielding.

This has had an impact on companies, organisations, shops and Derby City Council too as a significant minority of staff have had to self-isolate.

The decision to temporarily stop collecting the brown was taken because of this shortage of staff. A few weeks ago, some blue bins were not emptied, again, this was due to staff being off ill or self-isolating or shielding.

The Council has also had to bring in new working procedures for the bin crews. Previously the bin lorry driver and crew of three would all sit in the cab together. But now there is the need for people to stay two metres apart. So now the driver and one crew member sit in the cab and a minibus drives the other two crew members. Everyone can then "socially distance" from each other.

In order to increase the number of bin crews, the Council has contracted with private sector waste collection companies to get an extra eight bin lorries and crews. This has meant that the blue bin emptying is now much more secure. Some Council staff have also been re-deployed to being bin crews.

Lib Dem Councillor Ajit Atwal also volunteered to help out. Ajit said, "It's very important that rubbish gets collected, so when I heard that staff sickness was affecting the bin-emptying service, I was keen to help out."

Lots of people have been in touch with Liberal Democrat councillors in Derby about the current lack of brown bin emptying. They have raised this with the Council, and the Council have said they are looking at possible ways forward. It does depend on getting more staff available.

A minority of people have been burning waste. Please don't do this as it sends out small particles into the air that people then breath in. Toxic gases are also released into the atmosphere.

Derby's Lib Dem Leader, Councillor Ruth Skelton said, "Understandably residents are concerned and stressed about the temporary suspension of the brown bin collections. I have made the Council aware of how important it is to get this issue sorted